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People want to care, yet often feel overwhelmed in the complexities of caring for children & families in crisis.

With the launch of CarePortal, it is important that all participating churches, agencies and their communities have access to excellent ongoing training, resources & supports.

CareWell Academy is facilitated by a collaborative of experienced Canadian Christian professionals (social workers, educators, and therapists) and partnering organizations who are passionate about equipping Canadians to care well for children and families with challenges. Customized training is available for churches, professionals, schools, camps, and parents. Training and resources are available for both faith and non-faith contexts.

CareWell Academy - LOGO.png

Inquiries for Training

National Leaders


Dr. Alison Wells-Dyck


National Lead Trauma Trainer

Trauma-Informed Practitioner (TBRI®, TCC); foster & adoptive mom; experienced Children's Ministry Director & University Educator specialized in Trauma and Inclusive Education (Ph.D)



Dr. Harold Park

FFC Co-Founder /

Trauma Care Facilitator

Trauma-Informed Practitioner (TBRI®, TCC, ETC); Marriage & Family Therapist (M.A., D.Min); bio, foster & adoptive parent; experience in correctional justice chaplaincy, counselling & pastoral ministry



Tim Smith


Trauma Care Facilitator /

Area Director for Altantic Canada

Trauma-Informed Practitioner (TBRI®, TCC); foster & bio parent; experienced in Canadian & global YWAM ministry, working with at-risk youth; currently working on Masters of Arts in Leadership, with a focus on trauma informed camp ministries.


Regional Associates

There are currently a growing number of regional associates in Manitoba, Ontario, and Nova Scotia

with professional training & extensive experience in social work, education, Christian ministry, and therapy. They are also moms and dads, local Canadian neighbours, and compassionate sojourners with vulnerable children and families.

Photos & Bios Coming Soon!

Do you have a background in any of the 4 identified CareWell competencies, align with Forever Families of Canada mission, and are curious about joining this collaborative?

Information on becoming a regional associate

or partnering organization will e released soon.

In the meantime