Join an interactive online community for 9 practical modules. Ideal for caregivers of children & teens with trauma or neurodiversities.

About this Event

Are you experiencing challenges in parenting a child or teen in your care?

Join an online interactive workshop series in the comfort and safety of your home.


Will you be having a busy household and concerned about interruptions? No problem. Catch up with the recorded sessions that will be sent to you and still take part in a private group chat that you will be invited to participate in throughout the series.


Trauma Competent Caregiving is a 9 module seminar series designed to equip caregivers with knowledge and skills to help children from hard places heal and grow. Moving from being consciously compassionate to competently compassionate is the heartbeat of the curriculum. This interactive training series is evidence-based, TBRI® inclusive & rooted in a biblical foundation. It is friendly & practical for caregivers of all backgrounds & lead by a diverse team of experience Canadian professionals.

Only $100 per household. Registration includes digital workbook, interactive online workshops, recorded sessions to accommodate attendee availability, access to private chat room with facilitators and participants. Sorry, no childcare ;) but you may want to think of how you can proactively schedule your family to give you maximum opportunity for live online participation.


Friday, April 3 9am - 4pm CST

MODULE 1: Trauma & It's Impact on the Life of a Child

MODULE 2: Understanding Trauma & Age-Related Developmental Impact

MODULE 3: Becoming a Trauma Competent Caregiver: The Journey


Saturday, April 4 9am - 4pm CST

MODULE 4: Essential Skills 1 & 2 -- Using Assessment Tools & Maximizing a Child's Sense of Felt Safety

MODULE 5: Essential Skills 3 -- Helping Children Reduce Overwhelming Emotions & Building Connection

MODULE 6: Essential Skills 4 -- Helping Children Modify Overwhelming Behaviours

Monday, April 6 6:45 - 8:45pm CST

MODULE 7: Essential Skills 5 -- Supporting Past Relationships & Promoting Positive New Ones

Monday, April 13 6:45 - 8:45pm CST

MODULE 8: Essential Skills 6 -- Helping Children Develop a Strength-based Understanding of their Life Stories


Monday, April 20 6:45 - 8:45pm CST

MODULE 9: Essential Skills 7 -- Learning to Care for Ourselves While Caring for Children

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1) What if I cannot attend all the sessions?

We know that raising a family in the confines of a home can get tricky. A link of the recorded session will be sent after each online workshop day and will be available for the remaining month of April. It is strongly encouraged to catch up with any missed sessions as soon as possible in order to better understand the modules that follow.

2) What if I already registered to attend the in-person training?

An email will be sent to those registered for the original in-person series, giving you the option for this adaptive home experience or full refund. We encourage continued participation and have made this new option possible to not have to cancel the event. If you have paid an early-bird couples rate, you will be given 3 options: full refund to not attend online, $50 refund (but still get to take it as a couple from home), or sponsor an under-resourced home to access the workshop series instead of a refund.

3) Can more than one person in my household participate through one registration of $100?

Yes. We encourage caregivers to learn together on one shared device (to avoid sound feedback) and want to make it as affordable as possible for everyone to participate. The digital workbook can be shared to other caregivers in your home, as well as the recorded sessions. We ask that you honour this privilege to be shared only within a household and not shared to others, who are required to separately register. You are welcome to sponsor a family if you would like to gift them access.

4) What do I need to be able to access the online training?

It is recommended to have a secure home internet-connected device with webcam. Please refrain from accessing live sessions while in a vehicle, as it can compromise everyone's online experience (recorded sessions can keep you up to date if you are requiring travel).

5) Can I get a certificate of participation?

Yes! Some agencies, schools, employers, programs may require proof of your attendance and we are now able to offer certificates that verify you have completed the training. An online form with questions found in your modules will be required to be filled out to verify you have covered all sections with us.

6) Who will be facilitating?

Facilitators all are trained in TBRI® and/or TCC and have professional Canadian experience and backgrounds in social work, counselling psychology, education, youth & children's ministry, or music therapy. You will be hearing from a variety of speakers and will be able to interact with them throughout the series. They are all passionate about empowering parents, churches and community supports to effectively bring youth and children to greater levels of healing. You are in for a treat.

7) Who will benefit most from this workshop series?

Parents (biological, kinship, foster, adoptive, grandparents) and those who provide home respite for them. There are a variety of reasons why parents will connect with this training. It has been highly recommended by parents of children who are fostered, adopted, have experienced trauma, those with neurodiversities and those with mental health conditions.

Others are still welcome to register and will gain from the training principles, though examples and references will be focusing on a parenting context. Please contact if your church, non-profit, school, or social serving agency would be interested in similar training that is specialized for your context. This is available by request.

8) Can I sponsor a family to receive the training?

Yes! What a great way to support other families in this crisis. For many already in crisis, this time is not simply inconvenient, it is critical that they are safely supported and given opportunity to gain helpful tools to effectively respond to their children's need. Donate Online (National) and we will make spots available through our CarePortal agency connections to gift spots to households. Sorry, we cannot direct scholarships to specific families, though you are welcome to register them specifically (just be sure to check with them first)

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