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Connecting, equipping & mobilizing church communities across Canada to effectively journey with vulnerable children & their families. 

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Connecting Canadian Churches Communities with Child Welfare Opportunities


Forever Families loves connecting & equipping churches to effectively get involved in meaningful local child welfare opportunities. So far, it's been fairly organic and hands-on through the growing network of social service relationships we've been developing. But this is not sustainable if we are to mobilize more churches in their communities across our large nation. CarePortal is a great solution!







CarePortal is a cutting-edge online database platform created by GO Project specifically designed to connect local churches to local needs, in real time. It allows community to care for kids and families across the spectrum. CarePortal is currently being piloted in Winnipeg with two social serving agencies (CFS & Safe Families) and three local churches. The results are exciting!


While CarePortal is a fantastic tool, Forever Families recognizes the need for two things:


  1. Equipping churches to effectively care. Our new initiative CareWell Academy is being developed to provide every participating church with core competencies that match their level of involvement. 

  2. Developing a national leadership network across Canada of regional leaders who are committed to forging healthy relationships with social services, churches, and community at-large to join the growing movement. We love the growing collaboration emerging as CarePortal spreads across Canada.

Join us November 14, 2019 in Winnipeg for the CarePortal National Launch!

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CarePortal Regional


Winnipeg, MB