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Who cares about the welfare of children and families in crisis?

We've noticed that many Canadians want to care but often desire the connections and training to do so effectively. Through extensive collaboration, CarePortal connects the needs of children and families in crisis with caring communities. This online platform is helping change the way Canadians respond to child welfare in their own neighbourhoods.

CarePortal allows child welfare professionals to securely communicate real needs so that churches and surrounding community can respond in real time. It's more than bringing over a crib or helping a youth transition out of care. It addresses relational poverty, inviting and equipping people to be caring communities with children and families in need of connection and supports.

You care!

Come join community members and Canadian leaders from government, churches, social services, businesses and non-profits as we celebrate together this new initiative coming to Canada. Hear stories of how it is already working, discover ways you can get involved & connect with others who share your passion. We look forward to seeing you!